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The roots and inspiration of KiVVON can be traced back to 2007, when Josh was still running the platform for drivers and passengers known as During this time, he lived in Berlin and at the same time initiated a platform for citizen journalism in the capital. At a time when blogs were on the rise, it was a challenge to bring many Berliners together on a single platform, as Josh had envisioned. Instead, he soon gathered several hundred bloggers and marketed them individually to advertisers.

In 2011, he launched an online marketplace that enabled bloggers to get in touch with advertisers. This platform expanded to over 12,000 blogs and quickly became profitable. A few years later, this business model gave rise to the company Seeding Alliance GmbH, through which Josh marketed native advertising formats via a self-developed technology for digital publishing publications by media professionals, mainly publishers. The company quickly became profitable and achieved an eight-figure turnover within a few years.

The company has been part of the Ströer Group since 2017. Two years after the majority takeover by Ströer, Josh stepped away from the operational business to devote himself to new entrepreneurial ideas. The experience he gained, his technological competence in the platform business and his marketing expertise ultimately led him back to his original vision: to give journalism a platform. Josh sees the platformization of journalism and high-quality content – a cooperative and technological alliance of many media creators – as the greatest opportunity to strengthen journalism and great content, expand reach and generate revenue.

In the heart of the capital: KiVVON
KiVVON Company: Unternehmensseite der KiVVON Media GmbH

Our company is deeply rooted in the vibrant center of Berlin – specifically at Friedrichstraße 185-186, 10117 Berlin-Mitte. From here, the KiVVON team unfolds its creativity and expertise on two spacious floors.

The fourth floor is the control center of our activities: This is where the editorial team, partner management, our IT department, administration and management are based. One floor up, on the fifth floor, you will find the KiVVON studios and post-production.

With a total of 640 square meters of office space in Berlin and a further 200 square meters in Istanbul, via KiVVON Prodüksyon AS, KiVVON offers space for the diverse talents and skills of our 43 employees.

Our Berlin location houses a green screen studio of about 25 square meters and a TV studio of about 70 square meters. Our branch in Istanbul also has a 25 square meter green screen studio.

Our studios in Berlin are available to external interested parties for individual rental and for commissioned productions. Here you can find more information about renting our TV studio and green screen studio.

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