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What is KiVVON?

Your new information platform
This is where media professionals, journalists, editors and content creators research, share and discuss current topics, trends and news from Germany, Europe and the world.

Why does KiVVON exist?

Good content gets lost in the net
Social media platforms offer countless content that keeps us engaged for hours. That’s OK. But unfortunately, good and reliable content remains hidden as raisins in the broth. We are changing that.

No, you can consume most of the content on KiVVON without registering.

Registration is only necessary if you want to publish a post or comment yourself or if you want to activate a paid post.
Registration is primarily a protective mechanism and prevents profiles, comments and content on KiVVON from being automatically created and manipulated via so-called bot systems.

By registering, you will also have access to many more KiVVON functions. Registration is free of charge.

Publishers decide whether and which content they want to charge for. You pay the one-off amount and do not have to take out a subscription.

Yes, you have to register once on KiVVON to activate a paid contribution.
Your payment will be assigned to your account.
You do NOT take out a subscription, each payment is a one-off.

No, you only ever pay for the content that is offered to you for a fee. And it’s a one-off offer with no subscription obligation. You can continue to read, listen to or watch free content for free.

You pay the one-off amount conveniently, either

  1. via Paypal
  2. by credit card or
  3. You can load credit onto a wallet

For anyone looking for a trustworthy and fair source of information. We rigorously exclude hate and fakes on KiVVON. In addition, we only allow publishers who really care about providing you with useful, meaningful and great content. We do not tolerate nonsense, slapstick and questionable content.

We believe that creative content creators can master more formats than just one. Why shouldn’t a good writer also produce and publish a podcast? At least we offer it. Anyone who can make something of it is invited to do so with us.

There is content on at least 24 topics on KiVVON that you can discover.

However, we have only listed these 24 subject areas here to give you a rough structure and because many things can be categorized in these subject areas. Because we are much more flexible in terms of topics. There is also no typical section on KIVVON, as you may be familiar with from other online magazines. We have channels with their own individual names.

The following topics are covered:

  • Art & Entertainment
  • Automotive industry
  • Economy
  • Job & Career
  • Education & upbringing
  • Family & parenthood
  • Health & Fitness
  • Food & drink
  • Hobbies & Interests
  • House & Garden
  • Law, Government & Politics
  • News
  • Finances
  • Society
  • Science
  • Animals & Pets
  • Sport
  • Style & Fashion
  • Technology & data processing
  • Travel
  • Real estate
  • Shopping
  • Religion & Spirituality
  • Other (everything that does not fit into one of the above categories)
You can select your areas of interest in your account so that KiVVON tries to show you the most suitable posts in your feed.

Although we have been operating KiVVON for a while now, we know that we still have a lot to do. You can look forward to numerous additional functions that will be added in monthly updates. If you miss certain functions or have suggestions, please let us know. We welcome any useful tips that can make KiVVON better for everyone. There is a special ” MakeKiVVON better” page that you can use to send us your request!

Building a completely new platform from scratch is no easy undertaking. But we have the courage and desire to create something new and unique. Mistakes are part and parcel of such a process. As soon as we discover or are notified of an error, we take care of it as quickly as possible. We hope for your understanding.

Only media professionals who we have previously screened and who have recognized our content guidelines and our principles.

This may take a little longer until a lot of people can join in and publish content, but we have to be clear and vigorous from the outset about who we give the opportunity to put their content online here on KiVVON. We assume that this is also in your interest.

If you no longer wish to use KiVVON, you can cancel your profile at any time. It’s very simple: Click on your profile icon in the top right-hand corner and then on Profile settings. Go to the “Cancel profile” menu. You can then easily cancel your profile.


This note must be included here so that there are no misunderstandings later on. When you delete your profile, all your data on KiVVON will be irrevocably deleted. Implementation is immediate. There are no time limits within which you can return and reactivate your profile.

Your comments will remain as information for the general public and for KiVVON. However, they can no longer be assigned to you later if you open a new account. Where your username used to be, you will only see a message that this user is no longer active on KiVVON. So you don’t need to worry about whether comments left behind will still be visible with your username.

If you want to consume paid contributions, you pay once via Paypal, credit card or with a credit you have previously topped up (wallet).

We would like to point out that deposited wallet credit cannot be refunded.
Please understand the amount as an advance volume for future activations.

Here is the explanation:

2. blue diamond: If a post is marked with this symbol, it means that this post has a paywall. To activate it, you have to pay the fee.

3. blue diamond in the hand: You will see this label if you have previously activated the post. The hand with the diamond should therefore show that you have already acquired the activation.

KiVVON is a young, unconventional and independent content platform.

We are working in many small steps to gradually expand KiVVON. Much depends on your comments, criticisms and wishes, which we take on board. Some functions are based on the wishes of the users. We see ourselves as a cooperative platform that acts as equals with its publishers.

We have a very great interest in orienting ourselves to you and your ideas of consumption. Just let us know via our
contact form
to let us know what you would like to tell us.

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