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Do you have questions as a publisher?

We can help you!

What is KiVVON?

Here you can publish & earn
KiVVON is a platform where you can share your content in good company and generate revenue at the same time.

Why does KiVVON exist?

We want content to be financially viable
So far, there is no platform that is able to finance journalism and editorial content.
KiVVON can do that!

We call all those who run or want to run a channel on KiVVON “publishers”.

A channel is your personal space where you, as a content creator or journalist, manage and publish your videos, podcasts, graphics and articles.
Here you can upload all your content, customize the cover image and manage, plan and edit your posts. The channel is your individual space, so to speak, in which you retain control over your content and its presentation.

In order to operate one or more channels on KiVVON, you must first create an account on KiVVON. Registration is completely free.

No, there are no costs for you if you operate a channel on KiVVON, on the contrary, you even have the opportunity to generate income.

KiVVON is personally financed by Josh. He relies on self-financing with solid start-up capital, as he firmly believes in the concept and the vision. Josh has decided to invest out of his own pocket because he is convinced that the idea will be successful. Self-financing enables a faster start and gives him the flexibility to drive the project forward according to his convictions. KiVVON’s business model is to generate revenue through advertising marketing and paid content for users. KiVVON distributes 80% of this to publishers from paid content. You, as the publisher, decide what is subject to payment.

One-off payment means that users pay a one-off amount for the contributions you have selected. You decide the amount yourself. However, it must be at least 0.80 cents. You can find more information here.

No, you decide yourself whether or not to set up a payment barrier. You can continue to offer your content free of charge. You can find more information here.

In your account you will find a button with which you can transfer your net earnings of 80% directly to your account.
You can have the money paid out from an amount of 10 euros.
Payment is made reliably on the 3rd working day of the following month.

For transfers to bank accounts abroad, the fees are at your expense.

Of course not! You have complete freedom to publish your content on the platforms of your choice. There is no need for exclusivity on KiVVON – you can share and publish your posts without restrictions. Of course you can leave the platform at any time.

If you are interested in running a channel on KiVVON, you can register on our website and get started. Our partner manager Bea is available to answer any questions you may have.

Once the channel has been approved, publishers are free to publish content that complies with our content guidelines at their own discretion. In the event of violations, our community management will intervene.

KiVVON is a platform aimed at all media professionals(journalists and content creators), with a focus on qualitative journalism. On our platform, publishers have the opportunity to publish their content in the form of audio, video, graphics or classic articles.
All formats can be published in one channel, which means you don’t have to serve several platforms at the same time. Increase your reach by also publishing existing content from other platforms on KiVVON.

Every publisher also has the opportunity to earn from the content! Compared to some other platforms, we pay out the majority of the revenue generated to you.

We work with every journalist and content creator on an equal footing – no one is bound to us by exclusive contracts.

The advantages compared to traditional publishers lie in the focus on digital journalism within a social media interface. KiVVON offers opportunities for interaction through the “join in” function. This gives both users and other publishers the opportunity to contribute to the knowledge base of the content. Every channel and every post thus becomes an interactive community that creates and shares knowledge together.
A channel can be operated by several authors. This increases the variety of content and enables us to address a broader audience.

You can deposit your earnings directly into your account if you earn 10 euros or more.

Payment will be made to your account on the 3rd working day of the following month.

For transfers to foreign bank accounts, the fees are at your expense.

Certain topics are either prohibited or rejected on our platform. These include:

  • Hate speech and hate messages
  • Spreading fake news
  • Cyberbullying and harassment
  • Support for criminal and terrorist persons, associations or activities
  • Publication of private data
  • Harmful behavior and self-harm
  • Sexual harassment and pornographic content
  • Exploitation of animals and humans
  • Network Marketing
  • Spam

For further information on these guidelines, please refer to the detailed content guidelines on our website. Racist content will be removed from the platform immediately. In the event of a repeated violation of our guidelines, the account in question will be blocked.

KiVVON clearly stands out from platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, YouTube, Spotify, Reddit and public media libraries:

  • Earn money from your content: With KiVVON, you decide what content users should pay for. Nobody has to take out a subscription for this.
  • Cross-platform content: KiVVON offers content from various publishers. This allows users to see a wider range of perspectives and opinions and to compare different sources with each other.
  • Independence: KiVVON is independent of individual news providers and their political or economic interests. Instead, we offer a neutral and independent environment for journalistic content.
  • Interaction: KiVVON allows users to actively participate in the reporting, for example by writing comments in various formats. This allows you to reach people who are committed to journalistic topics

In summary, KiVVON offers high-quality, trustworthy journalistic content from various sources that you can also use to earn money. You determine your proceeds!

You must post at least 80 cents for a paid contribution.
You are free to set your own prices at the top.
You can find more information here!

Yes, you retain the rights to your content, even if you publish it on KiVVON. Your content remains entirely your property.

By activating your account, users merely acquire access to the content you have created for a fee.

At KiVVON you are responsible for uploading your content yourself. Our partner management is always ready to offer you support if you have any questions or uncertainties. Our aim is to provide you with a smooth process. However, if you encounter any problems or questions when uploading your content, don’t hesitate to contact our team – we’re here to help.

You decide whether your content is deleted or remains online. You can even choose that the channel is no longer visible, but the content remains available. Your autonomy with regard to the management and visibility of your content takes center stage!

Yes, you are free to decide which contributions are free and which are chargeable.

You receive 80 % of the net proceeds, we keep 20 %.
You can find more information here!

You can see what you have earned at any time in your account.

You decide whether to allow advertising or not.

For direct bookings whose function will be introduced soon, you must always give your approval beforehand.

KiVVON can help to increase the reach of your channel in various ways:

  • Targeted content: At KiVVON, users actively search for informative content. Your content can reach a wider audience that might not have found your content otherwise.
  • Active promotion: We rely on active advertising measures to present your content to a larger target group.
  • Share your content in your network: This is how you create a strong presence that increases your reach.
  • SEO optimization: KiVVON’s SEO support improves the findability of your content on search engines such as Google.

KiVVON supports you as a publisher not only with reach, but also with:

  • SEO support: Your content is optimized for search engines to make it easier to find.
  • Individual advice: You can receive personal advice on request to get the best out of your content.
  • Advertising revenue: You generate advertising revenue with your content. Decide for yourself which content your users should pay for.
  • Mediation with sponsors: KiVVON supports you in contacting and mediating with potential sponsors.
  • Partner management is always personally available and at your side.

You can monetize your content on KiVVON through: Monetize advertising revenue that we generate through KiVVON. Of this,80 % of the net proceeds will be distributed to you

Advertising on your channel:

  • As a publisher, you have control over which ads can appear on your channel. You can select the proposed sponsors and decide which products or services should be associated with your channel. You receive 70% of the net revenue generated.


  • Instead of a subscription model for your channel, there will be a paywall per post.
  • A paywall is a payment barrier that restricts access to certain content on your channel.
  • Interested users have the option of paying a fee to read, watch or listen to content such as articles, podcasts or videos.
  • This is a one-off fee, as opposed to a recurring subscription. This is seen as innovative in the media landscape.
  • You receive 80 % of the net revenue generated
  • I like the fact that you check the publishers beforehand and then approve them.
  • The fact that you have real contact persons allows you to communicate at eye level.
  • With KiVVON, I can choose from four different formats, all on one platform.
  • If it annoys you to see nonsensical posts in your feed, KiVVON is the right place for you. Here you decide for yourself which content is of interest to you and thus also control the algorithm.
  • There is mutual support and networking between publishers, the opportunity to develop new formats with KiVVON and the freedom to grow and contribute ideas.
  • The transparent revenue opportunities, the variety of topics and the independence from meta and algorithms make KiVVON attractive, especially when the reach on platforms such as Instagram is declining. At KiVVON you don’t fight against haters and fake news.
  • Have you already published content on other platforms? Great, publish it quickly and easily on KiVVON too.
  • Use KiVVON to raise your profile and increase your reach.
  • Earn money with KiVVON by profiting from advertising revenue and decide for yourself which content users make a one-off payment for.
  • Grow with us and participate in the increasing number of channels and thus the variety of topics.

If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

This option is not yet available. However, we will keep this in mind for the future.

To publish content on KiVVON, publishers must fulfill certain criteria:

  1. No spam: The content must not be regarded as spam. Repeated and unwanted sending of content in order to attract attention is not permitted.

  2. No hate: Content that spreads hate, is discriminatory or promotes violence is not permitted. We value a positive and respectful environment.

  3. No advertising: Inappropriate or excessive advertising will not be tolerated. The content should not primarily aim to advertise products or services.

  4. Content guidelines: The published content must comply with KiVVON’s established content guidelines.

You decide for yourself whether you allow advertising on your channel and whether and for which content your users pay a one-off fee.

There are channel statistics and contribution statistics, unfortunately still in the beta version at the moment.
From April 2024 you will have access to detailed statistics.

If you run a channel, you have the option of inviting additional co-authors who are also allowed to publish. To do this, each author must first create an account on KiVVON.

If you want to stream something directly, we’ll find a solution. We are still working on the final implementation.

KiVVON requires an imprint for legal reasons. An imprint is a legal requirement in many countries that enables website visitors to find important information about the operator of the website. Here are some reasons why an imprint is important:

1. transparency: An imprint provides transparency about who is responsible for the content and operation of the website. This creates trust among users.

2. identification of the operator: users should be able to easily identify the operator of the website. This is important in the event that there are any questions or problems relating to the website or its content.

3. legal requirements: In Germany, the presence of an imprint is required by law. The lack of an imprint can lead to legal consequences, such as fines or even the website being shut down.

4. consumer protection: An imprint provides users with important information about the operator of the website, including contact information. This enables consumers to contact the operator in the event of disputes or problems.

5. copyright and liability aspects: Through the legal notice, the website operator can also clarify its copyrights and disclaimers. This can help to avoid legal problems and protect the operator from unjustified claims.

In summary, an imprint is an important legal requirement that serves to promote transparency, ensure consumer protection and fulfill legal requirements.

Here is the explanation:

1. green diamond: This icon indicates that the post was published by yourself with a paywall. In this case, you will not be able to see the paywall function because it is a contribution from you – after all, you are not supposed to pay for your own contribution. However, we are working on the fact that you will soon be able to have a preview for the paywall.

2. blue diamond: If a post is marked with this symbol, it means that this post has a paywall. Your posts, which you have provided with a paywall, are therefore identified for users with a blue diamond.

3. blue diamond in the hand: This label is only displayed above a post if it has been activated beforehand. The hand with the diamond is therefore intended to show that you have already acquired the activation.

KiVVON is a young, unconventional and independent digital publisher. We give you the freedom to post four different formats in one channel: video, audio, graphics and text. When you want. As often as you like.

We at KiVVON select our partners carefully. So you don’t have to assert yourself in a toxic environment. With us you are
and not a speck of dust in a gray mass.

You can really get started with your own channel: Invite other content creators to your channel. This allows you to generate even more content and tap into even more target groups. Earn money through advertising and selected advertising partnerships. Become even better known and benefit from greater reach.

Download the free KiVVON app now:
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