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Our actions and our work are based on the following essential principles:

The principles of KiVVON

  1. All content is created and published according to universal ethical standards and deeply rooted moral principles.
  2. Our top priority is to uphold human and children’s rights as set out in the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights. No compromises are acceptable in this area.
  3. As an information medium, we are aware of our social responsibility and act accordingly.
  4. We categorically reject any form of violence.
  5. Our platform offers space for comments and expressions of opinion. Nevertheless, we do not tolerate discussions that restrict the freedom of expression of others, disregard basic human rights or incite violence. In the event of violations, we support criminal investigations by the authorities. Please refer to our content guidelines.
  6. KiVVON Media GmbH is independent of political parties.
  7. Our publications are based exclusively on verifiable data and facts from trustworthy sources.
  8. We are committed to environmental protection and regard our planet as a heritage for all living beings.
  9. Advertising is clearly marked as such by us.
  10. Our principles apply to all written, visual and acoustic content published on KiVVON.
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