Determine the value of your content yourself

With your paywall from KiVVON

Once you have registered with KiVVON free of charge, you can immediately publish your own content on KiVVON and set the value of your paid contributions yourself! No matter whether it’s a video, podcast, article or slides.

80% your share!

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Instead of offering a subscription for access to your content, we at KiVVON prefer to enable a one-off payment for one activation per post.

With this one-off payment, the user receives the authorization to consume specific content, e.g. on your channel. You decide which contribution should be paid to read, watch or listen to videos, podcasts, slides or articles.

This activation of a content is only a one-off for the user and is not recurring. This way, they can consume your content with peace of mind and support your work.

We give you 80% of the net revenue generated! Because you should be able to earn money directly with your content and have the lion’s share of it.

IMPORTANT! Be sure to share your paywall content in your network so that you can reach your existing target group directly.

You can always keep track of your earnings in your sales balance. You can have your earnings paid out from an amount of 10 euros – with just one click. We pay out once a month on time. It has never been easier.

KiVVON Company: Unternehmensseite der KiVVON Media GmbH
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