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Are you a committed media professional looking for a trustworthy platform for your own content?

Whether you work in journalism, video production, podcasting or graphic design, KiVVON is your platform!

We are breaking with the traditional subscription model: a survey shows that 54% of users prefer a one-off payment for the consumption of digital media content rather than a subscription. KiVVON therefore offers a future-proof solution with one-off payments for all types of content. Whether videos, podcasts, slides or texts – you determine the price of your work, and we distribute 80% of the revenue directly to you.

Our platform specializes in a wide range of media formats and offers benefits to media professionals and consumers alike. With us, no contribution goes unnoticed – your work receives the attention and value it deserves. Publish your content freely and benefit from a flexible, user-friendly payment system.

Take advantage of the freedom to share your content on KiVVON at any time. The respondents in our survey are willing to pay between €0.80 and €5 per high-quality content.

KiVVON stands for new earning opportunities beyond advertising revenue and subscription sales.

*By the way, youare also free to share free content on KiVVON. You are not obliged to publish only paid content. Decide for yourself which of your content is worth publishing for a fee and which you would like to publish free of charge.

KiVVON Company: Unternehmensseite der KiVVON Media GmbH

Publish your content and set the price yourself

Then share the post in your network

KiVVON Company: Unternehmensseite der KiVVON Media GmbH
KiVVON Company: Unternehmensseite der KiVVON Media GmbH

80% of the proceeds go directly to you!

These are your advantages

Simple & uncomplicated

Create a channel quickly and easily to publish your content

4 Media formats

You have the choice between four different formats (video, podcast, article, slider)

No subscription sales

Your followers do not need to take out a subscription on KiVVON. One-off payment instead of subscription.

At eye level

The KiVVON team is always at your side. We take care of you!

Reputable environment

Your contributions are presented in a reliable environment at KiVVON

Punctual payment

We reliably pay out your earnings to you once a month.

KiVVON Company: Unternehmensseite der KiVVON Media GmbH
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