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From police officer to digital entrepreneur!

Who, when, why and how?

KiVVON Company: Unternehmensseite der KiVVON Media GmbH

My name is Coskun “Josh” Tuna, you are welcome to just call me Josh. I am a steadfast founder and entrepreneur who founded KiVVON Media GmbH in November 2021 and serve as the sole owner and managing director of this company. I was born in Düren (my home town) in 1973 as the son of a Turkish migrant worker family and have a colorful and diverse life story. After graduating from high school, I joined the police and served in the former capital Bonn.

A chance encounter with “the Internet” in 1999 prompted me to leave my secure police career and plunge into the venture of entrepreneurship by founding Since then, I have left many traces in the digital world. As a serial founder, I have experienced both setbacks and triumphs. I know exactly what it means to live in a car for three months because I couldn’t afford an apartment as a young founder, but I also know what it means to put a lot of effort into building a company.

With my previous company, Seeding Alliance GmbH, which is now part of the Ströer Group, I marketed online publications from various publishing houses and media companies for many years. This led to the revival of an earlier entrepreneurial dream from 2007, namely to become active in journalism and publishing.

I realized this dream by founding KiVVON Media GmbH. True to my nature, I didn’t just want to create and share content, I wanted to take an innovative approach. I firmly believe that journalism needs a central platform to stand up to the flood of misinformation, questionable content and threats while continuing to play a strong and proactive role in our society. With KiVVON, I aim to unite the forces of journalism on one platform and offer it a secure, robust and sustainable home. As a journalism platform, KiVVON is also intended to appeal to content creators.

As a passionate family man, humanist and entrepreneur, I also run my own channel on KiVVON, to which I cordially invite you:

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