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Content guidelines

The following content guidelines apply to all material published on our platform at At KiVVON, we understand the term “content” to mean any type of digital content, regardless of format or medium, provided by publishers or users on the platform. This includes, in particular, comments from users, texts, images, videos and audio files.

The masculine form used in this document to refer to persons always includes female, male and diverse persons. In order to ensure better readability, gender-specific spelling and multiple designations are not used. All personal designations are therefore to be interpreted as gender-neutral.

These content guidelines are about protecting us and our users as best we can from questionable and dubious content.
Secure content for everyone!

KiVVON does not serve as a platform for false, violence-glorifying, confusing, hateful or harmful content or actions and may not be misused for these purposes. KiVVON therefore reserves the right to delete such content, to prevent its distribution, to block or delete domains, persons, groups of persons or accounts from which such content is distributed without comment.

If you have any questions or suggestions regarding the use of KiVVON, please contact us.

We wish you lots of fun and useful benefits on and with KiVVON!

KiVVON stands for freedom of opinion and freedom of the press. Even if we regard this as a basic prerequisite for the exchange on our platform, you are obliged vis-à-vis KiVVON not to post any content on the platform that is likely to violate applicable law and the rights of others through its content, form, design or in any other way.

Accordingly, you are prohibited from posting content that violates criminal, competition and youth protection laws or infringes the name, trademark, copyright, image and/or data protection rights of third parties.

Unjustified attacks on personal rights and human dignity have no place on KiVVON.

If you find content on KiVVON that appears to violate this content policy, you can inform us directly via the “Report” function on the platform or by sending an email to We then check the content and take the necessary measures.

KiVVON does not serve as a platform for false, violence-glorifying, confusing, hateful or harmful content or actions and may not be misused for these purposes. KiVVON therefore reserves the right to delete such content, to prevent its distribution, to block or delete domains, persons, groups of persons or user accounts from which such content is distributed without comment.

KiVVON is also a platform for the open exchange of opinions. However, this has its limits if those affected are unlawfully insulted, injured or impaired by content. In order to enable/guarantee fair and open cooperation, we are dependent on the cooperation of everyone!

As soon as we become aware of content that may violate this policy, we will check whether the conditions for blocking the content and the user or publisher are met. Where required by applicable law, we are obliged to report serious violations to the relevant authorities.

KiVVON is not a platform for hate messages or individuals and groups that spread hateful messages. If we become aware of such content, we will block it.

According to this guideline, hate messages can have the following content, for example:

  • Racism and xenophobia, which we at KiVVON define as
    • incitement to violence or hatred against a group of persons defined according to the criteria of race, color, descent, religion or belief, or national or ethnic origin, or against a member of such a group, and
    • publicly condoning, denying or grossly trivializing genocide, crimes against humanity and war crimes, if such condoning, denial or trivialization appears likely to incite violence or hatred against such a group or a member of such a group;
  • Criminally relevant incitement against persons, including public figures, as well as criminally relevant threats against the life, limb or property of these persons;
  • Disparagement of a person’s sexual identity or orientation;
  • Trivializing or glorifying depictions of violence and extremism of any kind;
  • Defamation of the memory of the deceased;
  • Spreading discriminatory and trivializing conspiracy theories, such as the denial of the Holocaust;
  • Insulting denominations, religious communities and ideological associations;
  • Supporting individuals or groups who condone hateful acts and spread prejudice.

KiVVON is no place for fake news, propaganda or disinformation. We will delete false content that is likely to damage the trust of users in the objectivity of KiVVON, is harmful to health or endangers the safety of our users. Users who create, share and distribute such content can be blocked on KiVVON.

This category includes, among others:

  • Misleading and false claims that generate discrimination, prejudice and hatred;
  • Misleading and false claims that incite or lead to harassment and bullying of individuals, institutions or groups;
  • Manipulated audio and image files that deliberately undermine trust;
  • Misleading and false claims that jeopardize the integrity of votes and elections;
  • Medical misinformation that jeopardizes the safety and health of our users, including false claims regarding safety and public health emergencies.

KiVVON is not a platform for defaming, angering or offending individuals or groups. KiVVON therefore reserves the right to delete offensive and insulting content.

Content that is therefore inadmissible on the platform includes, among other things:

  • Disparagement of a person or group of persons because of their gender, descent, race, language, homeland and origin, faith, religious or political views or because of a disability;
  • Edited images posted for the purpose of disparagement;
  • Sexual innuendos about persons and the invitation or offer of sexual acts;
  • Offensive comments, criticism and insults, offensive image or text material;
  • Mocking people who are grieving and are very vulnerable in their feelings;
  • Body-shaming or mocking people because of their sexual orientation, sexual past or past relationships.

KiVVON is not a stage for people and groups who advocate or glorify violence. We delete content that serves one of the following purposes:

  • Distribution of propaganda material of unconstitutional and terrorist organizations;
  • Use of symbols of unconstitutional and terrorist organizations;
  • Formation of criminal or terrorist organizations at home and/or abroad;
  • Preparation of a serious act of violence endangering the state;
  • Instruction to commit criminal offenses;
  • Public incitement to commit criminal offenses;
  • Rewarding and condoning criminal acts;
  • Disturbing the public peace by threatening to commit criminal offenses;
  • Incitement to hatred.

KiVVON does not permit the dissemination of confidential and personal data. We therefore delete the following content, among others:

  • Private addresses, telephone numbers and other contact details;
  • Personal identification documents;
  • Passwords and user names;
  • Private, financial or medical data;
  • Images of private individuals whose right to their own image is infringed by the distribution or public display of these images.

If you discover unwanted, private material of yours on KiVVON (photos, personal information), please do not hesitate to report it to us.

KiVVON is not a platform for the expression of arguments that support drug abuse, eating disorders, self-harm or even suicide. Among other things, the following content will be deleted by us;

  • Quotes and statements that encourage suicidal thoughts;
  • Instructions and incitements to self-harm;
  • Advertising for self-harm;
  • Disturbing, unsettling images;
  • Mockery of people who have attempted suicide, died by suicide or inflicted injuries on themselves;
  • Insensitive treatment of people who harm themselves

KiVVON does not tolerate sexual harassment or pornography on the platform. The use of the platform is also open to underage users aged 16 and over with the consent of their parents. Content that contains such offensive content will be removed by us.

If we become aware of content with child pornographic content on the platform, we will immediately block the content and the user who has posted it on the platform on KiVVON and file a complaint with the law enforcement authorities.

Content that is deleted by us may contain, for example

  • sexual harassment of users and third parties;
  • offensive, sexist, obscene, vulgar, vile or disgusting materials and expressions;
  • Pictures of naked people whose poses suggest pornographic intentions;
  • Fetish images and pictorial representations of sexual activities;
  • Unambiguous sexual descriptions.

We try to differentiate as clearly as possible between actual pornography and the depiction of the human body – which may also be naked – in the context of corresponding topics. These topics include, for example, health education and well-being, sexual health, breastfeeding and art.

KiVVON is not a platform that supports or tolerates forms of exploitation – neither of animals nor of humans. KiVVON removes content and restricts its distribution and deletes user accounts in which financial, sexual or physical exploitation is suggested.

This includes:

  • Grooming, inappropriate graphic images, sexual comments and the sexual exploitation of minors. If we come across such content, we will contact the relevant law enforcement authorities.
  • Sexual services such as escort services, prostitution, sex cams that indicate human trafficking or suggest physical or sexual exploitation.
  • Human trafficking or unauthorized commercial activities such as trade in products from protected animal species, trade in endangered animals or trade in organs.
  • Photos and graphic depictions of a private or sexual nature that were not taken or published by mutual consent, e.g. upskirting images or so-called “revenge pornography”

Activities that indicate illegal activities by our users in the area of network marketing will be prevented by us and the corresponding content will be deleted.

Network marketing (also known as network marketing, multi-level marketing (MLM), referral marketing or structured sales) is a special form of direct sales. In contrast to traditional direct sales, customers are encouraged to recruit further customers as independent sales partners. Depending on their structure, network marketing systems can resemble an illegal pyramid scheme or pass themselves off as network marketing.

We at KiVVON want to make sure that the suggestions and ideas on our pages are interesting and useful for you. For this reason, we delete any type of spam that comes to our attention. We would therefore ask you to pay attention to the impression that KiVVON gives to others and to avoid spreading spam as much as possible.

Our definition of spam includes, among other things:

  • Content that is irrelevant, misleading or a mere repetition of known posts;
  • Links to pages that offer no added value for users, are misleading or untrustworthy;
  • Unwanted and misleading messages

Paid user comments are undesirable on KiVVON and will be deleted by us. Paid comments always exist when users are paid or otherwise rewarded for posting or otherwise disseminating comments with predetermined content or a predetermined objective on the platform.

Publishers have the option of integrating paid product placements, recommendations, sponsorships and other forms of advertising into their content. The following points must be observed:

  1. Advertising must comply with the applicable legal provisions and be clearly labeled.
  2. If the advertising was not placed by us, this must be clearly indicated. No false impression may be created that there is a connection to KiVVON if this is not the case.
  3. Publishers are solely responsible for advertising by third parties.
  4. We reserve the right to remove promotional content from the platform without prior notice if it violates our content guidelines, policies or terms of use.

The following products and services are not permitted in your content:

  • Illegal products or services
  • Sex or escort services
  • Content intended exclusively for adults
  • Matchmaker
  • Drugs
  • Medicines without prescription
  • Services related to cheating on exams or examinations
  • Hacker attacks, phishing or spyware
  • Explosives and detonators
  • Fraudulent or misleading transactions

These guidelines apply to all formats on

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