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About KiVVON

Strong together

Media professionals, journalists, content creators and users: Welcome to KiVVON!

KiVVON is your platform for good content and fair cooperation. We offer an easy-to-use platform, a diverse community and, above all, new monetary opportunities for content. We see ourselves as a pioneer who is prepared to break new ground in order to provide media professionals with realistically simple financing and, in turn, to offer users even better content. 

Become part of our vision for affordable, great content and quality journalism, free from hate and fake news. Simple, authentic, trustworthy. Join KiVVON – real content, real appreciation.

We focus on four essential pillars that define our project:

1. cross-provider:

Anyone can operate a channel and publish content on KiVVON as a publisher.

Whether you are a media company, publisher, journalist, content creator or everyday hero – everyone is welcome to share their unique and great content with the world. But the true brilliance of KiVVON lies in its integrity and quality standards. We take our content guidelines and principles seriously. Only content that meets our conditions finds its way to our users. Anything that does not meet these criteria is rigorously excluded, either from the outset or as soon as it comes to our attention. This uncompromising commitment to quality and trustworthiness creates an information landscape on KiVVON that is not only reliable, but also inspiring and enriching.

2. journalism and content:

We stand up for the core principles of journalism and high-quality content in order to form a fair counterweight to social networks.

Social networks very often paint a distorted picture of reality. We in the KiVVON team are also part of the digital world and consume content on social networks, both professionally and privately. However, we are very concerned about how often questionable and dubious content is disseminated – content that endangers coexistence in our society and misinforms young people in particular. The amount of slapstick and nonsense also gets out of hand, which we think is a great pity.

This is exactly where KiVVON comes in to make a difference. We take our role seriously and carefully check who is allowed to publish content on our platform. This enables us to exclude questionable sources of information in advance. Controversial topics and lively discussions have their place on KiVVON as long as they are in line with our content guidelines and principles. With this strategy, we are opening up a space that is not only safe, but also stimulating and conducive to constructive exchange.

3rd platform:

The digital world is a world of platforms. Almost all markets are already platformized. Except for journalism and high-quality content. 

In today’s media world, where platforms such as social media are increasingly taking up space, we often see them taking the stage away from traditional journalism and trustworthy content. To counteract this trend, it is essential that journalism and secure content itself acts as a strong platform.

At KiVVON, we recognize this challenge and believe that the future for such a platform goes beyond mere content creation and advertising revenue optimization. Our mission is to use technological innovations to create a platform that is constantly evolving – in terms of content, technology and money – and takes into account the needs of both content creators and users. By positioning ourselves as a strong platform, we can effectively compete with the challenges of social media and offer good content in a new, future-oriented form.

4. monetization:

Journalism and content creation are not only a passion, but in our view also a sustainable source of income. Because real content deserves real appreciation. As a pioneer, we are taking a completely new approach to monetization. One-off payment for media content instead of committing users to subscriptions.

Our approach is to offer a platform that does just that. Through advanced technologies and an intuitive user interface, we create an environment in which content creatorsand journalists can effectively present their work and monetize it directly without detours. Our aim is to establish a fair payment structure that reflects the true value of their work.

KiVVON, a new ecosystem for real content with real appreciation

We bring together a variety of voices and topics under one roof, creating a comprehensive and attractive point of contact for users. This increases the visibility and reach of content, which in turn leads to better earning opportunities for publishers. By offering such an ecosystem that supports both the creative and financial aspects of journalism and content creation, we are making it clear that high-quality content is not only valued, but also rewarded accordingly.

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